Safe Shopping

Security Guarantees

Shopping at ArcticNi Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is totally safe and 100% guaranteed.

We take your security very seriously. No customer has ever reported the fraudulent use of their credit card as a result of shopping with ArcticNi. We are confident in the procedures we have in place to ensure every purchase with a security guarantee.


Why Shopping With ArcticNi Is Safe:

1 - ArcticNi only accept your personal information such as credit card details, name and address, etc. through our SAGE secure server. This ensures that any data sent to us is encrypted by your browser before being sent to us.

Many sites offer the opportunity to send details without encryption, or don't offer an encryption facility at all. We won't compromise your security and if your browser cannot communicate with us securely, then unfortunately we cannot accept your order.
2 - We do not store your credit card details. Once your credit card details have been sent to us, the payment is processed real-time but we do not record your card details anywhere. They are passed securely to SAGE our card processor who connect directly and securely to the major banks having been approved and security checked by them.



Are My Credit Card Details Secured?

We use the latest encryption methods and provide physical security for our data servers to gather your personal information such as your address and phone numbers. Your credit card details are only entered on our payment partners highly secure servers direct from SagePay.
Most experts agree that credit card transactions over the Internet are the safest of all common credit card purchases. The National Credit Information Network confirms that most Internet fraud involves people presenting merchants with stolen cards, not people stealing credit card information from the Internet.
Internet commerce is fast becoming the preferred method of shopping for quality, variety and price. The SagePay used by ArcticNi assures that your shopping experience is secure and confidential.